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Labyrinth of hundreds of islands
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Linnansaari National Park is home to the Saimaa ringed seal and has some of the most beautiful lakeland scenery in the area. The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets and is an ideal place for canoeing and boating. The park is great for spotting ospreys, white-backed woodpeckers and more than 70 other species of birds. At Linnansaari Croft traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are preserved.

The National park is suitable for day visitors as well as campers, fishermen, kayakers and boaters. You can explore the park by yourself or attend a guided tour. SaimaaHoliday arrange guided trips such as seal safaris, kayaking trips, fishing trips, lake safaris and cruises. There is a daily regular boat from Oravi to Linnansaari Island, the main island of the park. On the main island you can find the ecohostel, kiosk, sauna, 2 camping sites, fire places, harbour, nature trails and the museum croft.

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