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Rental of equipment

 Our rental point in Kolovesi is unmanned, so all reservations must be made in advance and paid at the online store. Reservations can also be arranged at short notice by calling our office for instructions on how to pay and rent.

The easiest way to rent is via online store (below) where you can pay the rent by card, mobile payment or online banking. After making your reservation, you will get instructions on how to get your equipment into your email. Online reservations can be made for a day (departure and return on the same day) or 24h-14 days. If you want to rent multiple canoes, move all the items to the basket first, fill out the contact details and pay only at the end. NOTE! We are using the same online store together with Oravi village! Make sure you book the canoe/kayak from the right location!

All rental rates can be found here!

The equipment can also be booked from the office by phone or email (and pay online using the given online payment link). You should also contact the office if you have any questions about canoeing, special requests for equipment, etc. we will be happy to help! Our office and main rental house is located in Oravi, where you can visit us in address: Kiramontie 27, 58130 Oravi ( tel. +358 (0)44 274 7078).


Rental time starts and ends at 12.00 (eg daily rents). Please be on time when returning the gear so that the next ones are able to start on time.

On departure, make sure that the canoe or kayak number corresponds to the number in the reservation! Paddling equipment can be found from the locked shed by the canoes. The pin code and the number of the canoe or kayak will be send to your email in the previous evening before the rental period starts. When you return, clean the equipment and lift it to the right place, bring the equipment to the warehouse. If the life jackets are wet, leave them airy to dry. If your trip is stretched or you want to continue the rental period, contact the office.

All rates are quoted in euros (€): Terms and prices are subject to change. Vat (24%) is included. The renter is liable to pay compensation for lost or damaged rental equipment.

tel. +358 (0)44 274 7078

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