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Seal Trail Kolovesi Circuit

Kolovesi Seal Trail® - the internationally most famous canoeing route in Finland.

Kolovesi National Park is one of the most respected nature reserves and  a very popular canoeing area. It's mentioned at all major travel guides like LONELY PLANET and PETIT FUTE. Both LONELY PLANET and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC have listed KOLOVESI NATIONAL PARK among the secret destinations of the world.

KOLOVESI one of the few parts of Lake Saimaa, where motor boating is prohibited in order to secure the peace of nature. The rare Saimaa ringed seal lives in this area and in the Kolovesi area the seal population is at its densest. The forests of wilderness-like islands are mostly in their natural state. Many rock-paintings tell the story about the ancient history of the region. Lake Kolovesi is very clean and rich in fish. So for many reasons it’s impossible to find a similar wilderness-like canoeing destination in the whole southern Finland. Kolovesi tour suits best for campers, who don’t long for modern conveniences and services. It is also a good destination for a one-day family trip. One-week trip extension to Linnansaari national park is also possible.

  • Trip duration:  from 3 to 7 Days
  • Departures: Daily from12.00 onwards
  • Degree of difficulty: 3 days easy, 7 days moderate
  • Trip type: Independent/self-guided
  • Entry/exit points: Kirkkoranta canoe launch: Kirkkorannantie 200, 58180 Enonkoski
  • How to reach: For those without a car Kolovesi Nationalpark is almost inaccessible directly using public transports. Nearest railway stations are located in Varkaus (85 km) and in Savonlinna (57 km). Nearest bus stations are located in Savonranta (21 km), Heinävesi (35 km) and in Enonkoski (25 km). Taxi transfers available all-around the region. Safari bus daily from Oravi to Kolovesi (book from the office).
  • Accommodation options: Very limited options -this is 100% wilderness area with no services! Accommodation mainly in tents on the desicnated camp sites. Camping and making fire is allowed in the national park only on the marked camp sites. Always carry a camping cooker! Few pictures of the camp sites! Three wilderness cottages inside the park area (from 4 to 14 persons). Hostels nearby in Enonkoski (25 km away) and Heinävesi(35 km away). 
  • Rental huts:  huts in Mäntysalo and Huhtiniemi.
  • Rental luxury villa just outside the national park boarder: Villa Kolovesi
  • Crocery stores and shops:The nearest shops are in the municipality centres of Enonkoski and Savonranta. Enonkoski is about 25 km from Kirkkoranta boat launching place. It is about 21 km to Savonranta from Kirkkoranta.
  • Route description -an overview: This route starts from KIRKKORANTA canoe launch where you your canoes and equipment. There are NO PRIVATE SERVICES at Kirkkoranta. A full tour around the Park and its main islands Mäntysalo and Vaajasalo is only ca. 37 km. That’s why this route suits well for example to be canoed during a weekend (Fri-Sun). The route is easy to canoe independently using designated camp sites. If you are going to stay longer in the area, it’s recommended to canoe first from the northern end of the island Mäntysalo towards the narrow stream of Vaaluvirta, and then around the island Pyylinsaari and to return along the stream Ruokovirta back to lake Kolovesi (tour lenght 33,8 km). If you don’t mind one portage, you can also return to Lake Kolovesi via Käkötaipale (13,1 km). This way the length of the whole tour can be 70 - 80 km.
Seal Trail -Kolovesi circuit on map


  • Description of difficulty: The Kolovesi tour is a sheltered lake route without any portages. It is suitable for the whole family as well as for paddlers having only little experience. Both Canoes or sea-kayaks can be used.
  • Group size: 2 - 12 persons. The camping sites are planned only for small groups.Especially during the high season (July) the park can be pretty crowded (on good weather during weekends) if you try to find a place to pitch a tent. It's illegal to camp outside designated campsites.
  • Availability: Whole summer season 15.5. - 15.10. (reservations beforehand).
  • Personal equipment: Customers should have clothing and shoes according to the weather. Advice for tour preparations can be found in Seal Trail Visitors Guide.pdf
  • Basic price: Depending on the duration. See the gear rental page for prices. No need for transportation! Entry and exit points in Kirkkoranta. Example price: 2 persons, double canoe with gear, 3 days (Fri noon - Mon noon), arriving to Kirkkoranta with own car. Rental price: 126€/ online
  • Extra services: Extra equipment or people tranfer to Kirkkoranta.
  • Service languages:: Finnish, English

Reservation can be done online or from the sales office:

Kolovesi Retkeily Canoe Outfitters

tel. +358 (0)44 274 7078

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