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Seal Trail National Park tour

The Ultimate Odyssey: two national parks and Joutenvesi nature reserves on the same voyage

Experience the top lake destinations, the Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks on the same tour. Lakeland Seal Trail® has been one of the most popular canoeing routes since 1996 already. The route flows almost all the time in the habitat of Saimaa ringed seal and that’s why your chances to see this rare animal in its own surroundings are very good.

Protected nature reserves and national parks can be visited on the same trip: Joutenvesi Nature Reserve, Linnansaari National Park and Kolovesi National Park. With route extencion you can also visit the Kermajärvi Nature Reserve.

This 10-14 day trip needs to be planned well in advance and you should be prepared for weather variations. A true challenge for experienced paddlers, sea-kayakers and canoeists alike.

The route is best to be paddled as a round trip starting from Kirkkoranta in Kolovesi or from Oravi village. This way it’s easy to visit both National Parks and Joutenvesi.

With route extencion to the Kermajärvi nature reserve you can make the tour even longer. You can also start your tour from Heinävesi marina, paddle round Kolovesi, joutenvesi and Linnansaari ending the tour in Oravi. Watch a video about the trip:

  • Trip duration: 10-14 days/130 km (no extencion)
  • Degree of difficulty: Demanding or intermediate depending on route and chosen type of vessel. High winds on the Lake Haukivesi may be too much for those using open canoes. For experienced sea-kayaker this is an easy trip. Good map reading skills are essential!
  • Trip type: Independent/self-guided
  • Entry and exit points: Kolovesi (Kirkkorannantie 200, 58180 Enonkoski) or Oravi (Kiramontie 27, 58130 Oravi). Other possible entry and exit points: Start in Heinävesi, Kermanranta marina and end in Savonlinna.
  • How to reach: For those without a car, first fly to Helsinki and then take a train/bus/rental car to Savonlinna/ Kolovesi/ Oravi/Heinävesi depending on the starting point. We also have a safari bus from Savonlinna to Oravi. On depart take a transport to Savonlinna and train/bus/rental car from Savonlinna back to the next airport. If you start your trip in Heinävesi and end in Savonlinna only equipment transports are required from our base in Kolovesi (150€ to Heinävesi and 110€ from Savonlinna).
  • Accommodation: During the tour only canoe camping is possible using good all-weather tents. In Kolovesi and Linnansaari camping is only permitted on the designated tent sites. On other places follow everyman's right. ALWAYS have a camping cooker with you and enough fuel for the trip. Hostels and hotels are available in Enonkoski, Oravi, Linnansaari, Heinävesi and Savonlinna.
  • Crocery stores and shops: Oravi, Enonkoski, Heinävesi and Savonlinna.
  • Route description - an overview:  1. Day: This is a demanding route mostly canoed by experienced paddlers. If the customer has no previous experience of canoeing /kayaking on larger lake areas, a very important part of the service package must be assistance to trip planning in advance considering safety as well (available in Oravi -daily). When the customer arrives at the chosen starting point he will have the equipment he has booked beforehand and there will be the final route planning session, if necessary. The estimated returning point and time will be written down. Then the trip is ready to begin. 2.-14. Day: Canoeing trip is carried out according to the former plan. Equipment and customers will return to the planned ending point and possible transfer will wait for you at the fixed time.
The National Park tour on map

  • Description of difficulty: The route suits best for those paddlers, who have experience of changing weather conditions, windy waters or long day trips (over 10 km).
  • Group size: Recommendation 2-12 persons. Camping sites inside national parks are designed only for small groups.
  • Availabity: Service available during the whole summer season (15.5.-15.10.)
  • Departures: Daily with pre reservation
  • Personal equipment: Customers should have clothing and shoes according to the weather. When selecting other personal equipment you can find advice in Seal Trail Visitors Guide.pdf.
  • Basic price: Depending on the duration and gear! Example price: 2 persons, canoe with gear, roundtrip from Kolovesi, duration 14 days. Price: 367€
  • Service languages: Finnish, English


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