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Heinävesi Seal Trail® - From Lake Kermajärvi to Kolovesi National Park

Paddle through History

The most beautiful landscapes of Lake Saimaa on the lake route, which has been used for canoeing for over a hundred years. Historic canals, wild rapids and protected areas along one and the same route. You can start the trip by the Kermanranta marina in Kermajärvi nature reserve and end the tour in Kolovesi National Park.

  • Duration of the tour: 7 Days / 6 nights (Approximately 66 km)
  • Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Trip type: Independent/self-guided
  • Entry/exit points: Entry point in Heinävesi marina by the village of Heinävesi with good train connections from Helsinki, Joensuu and Tampere. Exit points: Kirkkoranta launch in Kolovesi or when doing a longer route in Oravi village.
  • How to reach: fly first to Helsinki and then take a train to Varkaus and continue by bus in Heinävesi. Nearest local airports: Joensuu or Savonlinna. Nearest bus stations: Heinävesi, Savonranta and Enonkoski. From Savonlinna you can first travel to Oravi by safari bus (17€/ person, book in advance) and then join the canoe delivery to Heinävesi. Transport from Kirkkoranta by taxi or by safari bus at 1pm to Oravi (book in advance).
  • Accommodation options: There are NO CAMPING possibilites near the entry point in Heinävesi at all. Other accommodation options - See 25 km from the exit point there is a small hostel in Enonkoski. In Kolovesi camping is only permitted on the camping grounds marked on the map. Other places follow everyman's right or use designated campsites. Always take a camping cooker with you since there is no fire wood available at every site.
  • Good to know: please read the good to know page before starting the trip!
  • Crocery stores and shops: The only shops are located at Heinävesi municipality center.

Description: Example route description can be seen on the map below. Of course you can modify your route as you wish. On the map you can see the camping places to choose from. Outside the national park areas (like in Joutenvesi if you continue to Oravi/ Linnansaari) you can camp with the everyman's right -notice that making fire is not allowed then. On the last day of the tour the group arrives at Kirkkoranta Launch in Kolovesi, where the equipment will be returned (and pre-booked return transport will be waiting). Notice that rental prices don't include the transport fees!

Heinävesi route on map
  • Recommendation: An intermediate lake route without portaging. The tour length is ca. 66 km depending on the selected starting point. Basic canoeing and camping skills and basic physical condition are required. Customer can plan the tour independently or order a planning session at the canoeing company. It is possible to use lake canoes (over 5m) or kayaks. Rapids (classification I - II) can be overtaken using canals. During windy weather the lake sections might be rather hard for inexperienced lake paddlers. This route has no river sections. There are launching places every 5 to 10 km and few accommodation services at the beginning of the tour except in the protected areas. The trip can be interrupted if necessary.
  • Group size: Recommendation 2-12 persons. Camping sites in protected areas are planned only for small groups. Suits best for individuals and small groups.
  • Availability: Available during the summer season 15.5. - 15.10.
  • Departures: On request. Please set the date with our sales office.
  • Equipment: Personal equipment according to recommendations in Seal Trail Visitors Guide
  • Price: Total price depends on the amounth of services needed (transfers, type of canoe/ kayak, extra gear and duration). Minimum fee includes the gear rental + transport to the starting place in Heinävesi.
  • Example price: route Heinävesi - Kolovesi (Kirkkoranta), 2 persons, double canoe with gear, duration 1 week, canoe transport to Heinävesi. Price: canoe 194€ + transport 245€
  • Extra services: See the price list of camping and paddling gear + transports
  • Taxi-Transfers from the exit point on request. Heinävesi taxi  +358-(0)400-178 716,  
  • Service languages: Finnish, English

Bookings from the office or you can fill out the form:

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