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Seal Trail® canoe routes

Seal Trail Individual Wilderness Canoeing Tours

Whether you are looking for adventure, exploration or just plain fun of camping, the Seal Trail® can make your canoeing and kayaking dreams come true! Lake Saimaa overflows with opportunities for paddlers of every variety and skill level! Contact us and take home a real sense of accomplishment from your next vacation!

The Great Northern Outdoors

Over 4000 km2 of linked potable fresh water lakes and no rigours of portaging! This is paddling adventure Finnish style! Specializing in wilderness adventure experiences, Kolovesi Retkeily Canoe Outfitters Co. plans self-guided overnight paddling trips also with an itinerary customized to meet your expectations! Choose from one of our planned routes or make your own -there is as many routes as there are paddlers!

À la Carte: Basic Trip Routes

Here is a selection of our most popular, pre-planned Seal Trail® canoe and kayak trips. These routes shown here are based on intermediate canoeist travel times (on average 13-16 km per day). Most of the trails inside the protected areas offer a real wilderness-like experience. There are no prepared shelters, running water facilities, or signs to point the way. Primitively developed campsites near the water’s edge provide a woodshed, fire grate, and latrine.

For planning your route, you can use our route maps (can be found from the route description pages) and free map service


Guided and tailor-made adventures

Tell us your dream and we’ll make it happen to you! Individual tailor-made trip planning means choosing a route based on the length of your vacation and your objectives. Personalized trip planning includes many phases: setting up trip dates, choosing an individual route (entry and exit points), type of equipment you require, arranging transportation and accommodations before and after the trip, reserving fishing licenses etc.

Word of caution

Paddling can be very dangerous and physically demanding activity. Every client should fully understand that participating in kayaking or canoeing may involve risk of serious injury and severe social and economic losses. Totally safe routes simply don’t exist in this world. Self-guided trips occur on your own responsibility. 


Three of our most popular routes are:

Kolovesi circuit

-Min. 2 days, safe waters and good camp grounds. Suitable also for weekend trips and family tours!

Heinävesi route

-Ca. 66km, 4-7 days. Start from Heinävesi. Route goes trough the ancient water ways of Kerma and Heinävesi ending to Kolovesi National Park.

National Park Tour

-Min. 130km, 10-14 days. The ultimate wild canoeing experience! Experience the top lake destinations, the Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks and Joutenvesi protected area on the same tour.

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